About Florida Area Code 941

The 941 area code includes Florida cities Boca Grande, Bradenton, Cape Haze, Englewood, Myakka, North Port, Palmetto, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Venice; Charlotte, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.

Nearby area codes are 239, 727, 813 and 863.
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941 Area Code Exchanges 910-963:

941-910-xxxx    941-911-xxxx    941-912-xxxx    941-913-xxxx    941-914-xxxx    941-915-xxxx    941-916-xxxx    941-917-xxxx    941-918-xxxx    941-919-xxxx    941-920-xxxx    941-921-xxxx    941-922-xxxx    941-923-xxxx    941-924-xxxx    941-925-xxxx    941-926-xxxx    941-927-xxxx    941-928-xxxx    941-929-xxxx    941-930-xxxx    941-931-xxxx    941-932-xxxx    941-933-xxxx    941-934-xxxx    941-935-xxxx    941-936-xxxx    941-937-xxxx    941-938-xxxx    941-939-xxxx    941-940-xxxx    941-941-xxxx    941-942-xxxx    941-943-xxxx    941-944-xxxx    941-945-xxxx    941-946-xxxx    941-947-xxxx    941-948-xxxx    941-949-xxxx    941-950-xxxx    941-951-xxxx    941-952-xxxx    941-953-xxxx    941-954-xxxx    941-955-xxxx    941-956-xxxx    941-957-xxxx    941-958-xxxx    941-959-xxxx    941-960-xxxx    941-961-xxxx    941-962-xxxx    941-963-xxxx    
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