About Florida Area Code 941

The 941 area code includes Florida cities Boca Grande, Bradenton, Cape Haze, Englewood, Myakka, North Port, Palmetto, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Venice; Charlotte, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.

Nearby area codes are 239, 727, 813 and 863.
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941 Area Code Exchanges 856-909:

941-856-xxxx    941-857-xxxx    941-858-xxxx    941-859-xxxx    941-860-xxxx    941-861-xxxx    941-862-xxxx    941-863-xxxx    941-864-xxxx    941-865-xxxx    941-866-xxxx    941-867-xxxx    941-868-xxxx    941-869-xxxx    941-870-xxxx    941-871-xxxx    941-872-xxxx    941-873-xxxx    941-874-xxxx    941-875-xxxx    941-876-xxxx    941-877-xxxx    941-878-xxxx    941-879-xxxx    941-880-xxxx    941-881-xxxx    941-882-xxxx    941-883-xxxx    941-884-xxxx    941-885-xxxx    941-886-xxxx    941-887-xxxx    941-888-xxxx    941-889-xxxx    941-890-xxxx    941-891-xxxx    941-892-xxxx    941-893-xxxx    941-894-xxxx    941-895-xxxx    941-896-xxxx    941-897-xxxx    941-898-xxxx    941-899-xxxx    941-900-xxxx    941-901-xxxx    941-902-xxxx    941-903-xxxx    941-904-xxxx    941-905-xxxx    941-906-xxxx    941-907-xxxx    941-908-xxxx    941-909-xxxx    
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