About Florida Area Code 941

The 941 area code includes Florida cities Boca Grande, Bradenton, Cape Haze, Englewood, Myakka, North Port, Palmetto, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Venice; Charlotte, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.

Nearby area codes are 239, 727, 813 and 863.
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941 Area Code Exchanges 316-369:

941-316-xxxx    941-317-xxxx    941-318-xxxx    941-319-xxxx    941-320-xxxx    941-321-xxxx    941-322-xxxx    941-323-xxxx    941-324-xxxx    941-325-xxxx    941-326-xxxx    941-327-xxxx    941-328-xxxx    941-329-xxxx    941-330-xxxx    941-331-xxxx    941-332-xxxx    941-333-xxxx    941-334-xxxx    941-335-xxxx    941-336-xxxx    941-337-xxxx    941-338-xxxx    941-339-xxxx    941-340-xxxx    941-341-xxxx    941-342-xxxx    941-343-xxxx    941-344-xxxx    941-345-xxxx    941-346-xxxx    941-347-xxxx    941-348-xxxx    941-349-xxxx    941-350-xxxx    941-351-xxxx    941-352-xxxx    941-353-xxxx    941-354-xxxx    941-355-xxxx    941-356-xxxx    941-357-xxxx    941-358-xxxx    941-359-xxxx    941-360-xxxx    941-361-xxxx    941-362-xxxx    941-363-xxxx    941-364-xxxx    941-365-xxxx    941-366-xxxx    941-367-xxxx    941-368-xxxx    941-369-xxxx    
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