About Florida Area Code 941

The 941 area code includes Florida cities Boca Grande, Bradenton, Cape Haze, Englewood, Myakka, North Port, Palmetto, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Venice; Charlotte, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.

Nearby area codes are 239, 727, 813 and 863.
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941 Area Code Exchanges 748-801:

941-748-xxxx    941-749-xxxx    941-750-xxxx    941-751-xxxx    941-752-xxxx    941-753-xxxx    941-754-xxxx    941-755-xxxx    941-756-xxxx    941-757-xxxx    941-758-xxxx    941-759-xxxx    941-760-xxxx    941-761-xxxx    941-762-xxxx    941-763-xxxx    941-764-xxxx    941-765-xxxx    941-766-xxxx    941-767-xxxx    941-768-xxxx    941-769-xxxx    941-770-xxxx    941-771-xxxx    941-772-xxxx    941-773-xxxx    941-774-xxxx    941-775-xxxx    941-776-xxxx    941-777-xxxx    941-778-xxxx    941-779-xxxx    941-780-xxxx    941-781-xxxx    941-782-xxxx    941-783-xxxx    941-784-xxxx    941-785-xxxx    941-786-xxxx    941-787-xxxx    941-788-xxxx    941-789-xxxx    941-790-xxxx    941-791-xxxx    941-792-xxxx    941-793-xxxx    941-794-xxxx    941-795-xxxx    941-796-xxxx    941-797-xxxx    941-798-xxxx    941-799-xxxx    941-800-xxxx    941-801-xxxx    
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