About Pennsylvania Area Code 215

The 215 area code includes Pennsylvania cities Ambler, Bristol, Churchville, Doylestown, Hatboro, Kulpsville, Langhorne, New Hope, Philadelphia, Quakertown, Warrington, Willow Grove.

Nearby area codes are 267, 272, 484, 570, 609, 610, 717, 835, 856 and 908.
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Extended information

215 and 267 are the North American telephone area codes for Pennsylvania which serve the Southeast corner of the state including the city of Philadelphia and its northern suburbs. Area code 215 was one of the original area codes established in 1947, while overlay code 267 was established July 1, 1997.

Counties that use these area code are Berks County (Hereford area only), Bucks County (predominant portion), Lehigh County (extreme southern portion only), Montgomery County (significant portion), and Philadelphia County.

215 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

215-100-xxxx    215-101-xxxx    215-102-xxxx    215-103-xxxx    215-104-xxxx    215-105-xxxx    215-106-xxxx    215-107-xxxx    215-108-xxxx    215-109-xxxx    215-110-xxxx    215-111-xxxx    215-112-xxxx    215-113-xxxx    215-114-xxxx    215-115-xxxx    215-116-xxxx    215-117-xxxx    215-118-xxxx    215-119-xxxx    215-120-xxxx    215-121-xxxx    215-122-xxxx    215-123-xxxx    215-124-xxxx    215-125-xxxx    215-126-xxxx    215-127-xxxx    215-128-xxxx    215-129-xxxx    215-130-xxxx    215-131-xxxx    215-132-xxxx    215-133-xxxx    215-134-xxxx    215-135-xxxx    215-136-xxxx    215-137-xxxx    215-138-xxxx    215-139-xxxx    215-140-xxxx    215-141-xxxx    215-142-xxxx    215-143-xxxx    215-144-xxxx    215-145-xxxx    215-146-xxxx    215-147-xxxx    215-148-xxxx    215-149-xxxx    215-150-xxxx    215-151-xxxx    215-152-xxxx    215-153-xxxx    
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