About New Jersey Area Code 856

The 856 area code includes New Jersey cities Bridgeton, Buena Vista, Camden, Cherry Hill, Dennis, Glassboro, Haddonfield, Maurice River, Medford, Monroe, Vineland, Waterford, Winslow.

Nearby area codes are 215, 267, 302, 484, 609, 610 and 835.
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856 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

856-100-xxxx    856-101-xxxx    856-102-xxxx    856-103-xxxx    856-104-xxxx    856-105-xxxx    856-106-xxxx    856-107-xxxx    856-108-xxxx    856-109-xxxx    856-110-xxxx    856-111-xxxx    856-112-xxxx    856-113-xxxx    856-114-xxxx    856-115-xxxx    856-116-xxxx    856-117-xxxx    856-118-xxxx    856-119-xxxx    856-120-xxxx    856-121-xxxx    856-122-xxxx    856-123-xxxx    856-124-xxxx    856-125-xxxx    856-126-xxxx    856-127-xxxx    856-128-xxxx    856-129-xxxx    856-130-xxxx    856-131-xxxx    856-132-xxxx    856-133-xxxx    856-134-xxxx    856-135-xxxx    856-136-xxxx    856-137-xxxx    856-138-xxxx    856-139-xxxx    856-140-xxxx    856-141-xxxx    856-142-xxxx    856-143-xxxx    856-144-xxxx    856-145-xxxx    856-146-xxxx    856-147-xxxx    856-148-xxxx    856-149-xxxx    856-150-xxxx    856-151-xxxx    856-152-xxxx    856-153-xxxx    
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