About Wisconsin Area Code 715

The 715 area code includes Wisconsin cities Black River Falls, Clintonville, Coloma, Eau Claire, Elk Mound, Marinette, Rhinelander, Schofield, Stevens Point, Superior, Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids.

Nearby area codes are 218, 320, 507, 534, 608, 651, 906 and 920.
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Extended information

North American telephone area code 715 is a state of Wisconsin area code which was created along with Area code 414 as one of the two original area codes assigned to Wisconsin in October 1947. The 715 area code is expected to run out of phone numbers by 2011, so it will be overlaid with new Area code 534 beginning in the summer of 2010. It covers much of northwestern Wisconsin.

715 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

715-100-xxxx    715-101-xxxx    715-102-xxxx    715-103-xxxx    715-104-xxxx    715-105-xxxx    715-106-xxxx    715-107-xxxx    715-108-xxxx    715-109-xxxx    715-110-xxxx    715-111-xxxx    715-112-xxxx    715-113-xxxx    715-114-xxxx    715-115-xxxx    715-116-xxxx    715-117-xxxx    715-118-xxxx    715-119-xxxx    715-120-xxxx    715-121-xxxx    715-122-xxxx    715-123-xxxx    715-124-xxxx    715-125-xxxx    715-126-xxxx    715-127-xxxx    715-128-xxxx    715-129-xxxx    715-130-xxxx    715-131-xxxx    715-132-xxxx    715-133-xxxx    715-134-xxxx    715-135-xxxx    715-136-xxxx    715-137-xxxx    715-138-xxxx    715-139-xxxx    715-140-xxxx    715-141-xxxx    715-142-xxxx    715-143-xxxx    715-144-xxxx    715-145-xxxx    715-146-xxxx    715-147-xxxx    715-148-xxxx    715-149-xxxx    715-150-xxxx    715-151-xxxx    715-152-xxxx    715-153-xxxx    
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