About Nebraska Area Code 531

The 531 area code includes Nebraska cities Beatrice, Bellevue, Columbus, Fremont, Hastings, La Vista, Lincoln, Norfolk, Omaha, Papillion, Ralston, South Sioux City, Valentine, Wayne.

Nearby area codes are 308, 402, 605, 660, 712 and 785.
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Extended information

In March 2011, area code 531 was implemented as an overlay to area code 402. Although the first central prefix in 531 was not assigned until February 2013, ten-digit dialing has been mandatory across the entire 402 territory since the spring of 2011.

531 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

531-100-xxxx    531-101-xxxx    531-102-xxxx    531-103-xxxx    531-104-xxxx    531-105-xxxx    531-106-xxxx    531-107-xxxx    531-108-xxxx    531-109-xxxx    531-110-xxxx    531-111-xxxx    531-112-xxxx    531-113-xxxx    531-114-xxxx    531-115-xxxx    531-116-xxxx    531-117-xxxx    531-118-xxxx    531-119-xxxx    531-120-xxxx    531-121-xxxx    531-122-xxxx    531-123-xxxx    531-124-xxxx    531-125-xxxx    531-126-xxxx    531-127-xxxx    531-128-xxxx    531-129-xxxx    531-130-xxxx    531-131-xxxx    531-132-xxxx    531-133-xxxx    531-134-xxxx    531-135-xxxx    531-136-xxxx    531-137-xxxx    531-138-xxxx    531-139-xxxx    531-140-xxxx    531-141-xxxx    531-142-xxxx    531-143-xxxx    531-144-xxxx    531-145-xxxx    531-146-xxxx    531-147-xxxx    531-148-xxxx    531-149-xxxx    531-150-xxxx    531-151-xxxx    531-152-xxxx    531-153-xxxx    
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