About Nebraska Area Code 308

The 308 area code includes Nebraska cities Central City, Grand Island, Kearney, Merriman, North Platte, Scottsbluff.

Nearby area codes are 307, 402, 531, 605, 785 and 970.
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Extended information

Area code 308 is the telephone numbering plan code for western Nebraska in the North American Numbering Plan. On July 1, 1954, this area code was created from area code 402 (eastern Nebraska retained 402). The roughly U-shaped 308/402 line generally runs (from south to north): northeast along the Platte River and then northwest along the eastern edge of the Sandhills.

308 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

308-100-xxxx    308-101-xxxx    308-102-xxxx    308-103-xxxx    308-104-xxxx    308-105-xxxx    308-106-xxxx    308-107-xxxx    308-108-xxxx    308-109-xxxx    308-110-xxxx    308-111-xxxx    308-112-xxxx    308-113-xxxx    308-114-xxxx    308-115-xxxx    308-116-xxxx    308-117-xxxx    308-118-xxxx    308-119-xxxx    308-120-xxxx    308-121-xxxx    308-122-xxxx    308-123-xxxx    308-124-xxxx    308-125-xxxx    308-126-xxxx    308-127-xxxx    308-128-xxxx    308-129-xxxx    308-130-xxxx    308-131-xxxx    308-132-xxxx    308-133-xxxx    308-134-xxxx    308-135-xxxx    308-136-xxxx    308-137-xxxx    308-138-xxxx    308-139-xxxx    308-140-xxxx    308-141-xxxx    308-142-xxxx    308-143-xxxx    308-144-xxxx    308-145-xxxx    308-146-xxxx    308-147-xxxx    308-148-xxxx    308-149-xxxx    308-150-xxxx    308-151-xxxx    308-152-xxxx    308-153-xxxx    
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