About Louisiana Area Code 504

The 504 area code includes Louisiana cities Bertrandville, Buras, Carlisle, Chalmette, Delacroix, Ironton, Jesuit Bend, Kenner, Lafitte, Lake Catherine, Magnolia, Metairie, Myrtle Grove, New Orleans, Pointe a la Hache, Port Sulphur, St. Bernard, Yscloskey, Lower Plaquemines Parish and the Mississippi River Delta.

Nearby area codes are 225, 228, 601, 769 and 985.
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Extended information

Area code 504 is a telephone area code that covers the greater New Orleans, Louisiana area. The area code originally served the entire state of Louisiana, but over time it was split. Currently, the area code is mostly, but not completely surrounded by area code 985.

Following Hurricane Katrina in late August 2005, several communities southeast of New Orleans which had changed to area code 985 in 2001, have changed back to area code 504, since these communities are now being served with dialtone from telephone switching facilities actually in New Orleans, following near total destruction of the locally based switching facilities due to flooding from Katrina. Permissive use of 504 alongside 985 to reach these downriver communities began on July 29, 2007. Mandatory use of 504 to "again" reach these communities began on May 1, 2008. These communities are on both sides of the Mississippi River in "lower" Plaquemines Parish, and include Pointe a la Hache on the east bank; and Port Sulphur, Buras, and Boothville on the west bank.

The area code inspired the name for the local jazz record label "504 Records", as well as the rap group 504 Boyz and the Old 97's song "504" on Hitchhike To Rhome.

504 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

504-100-xxxx    504-101-xxxx    504-102-xxxx    504-103-xxxx    504-104-xxxx    504-105-xxxx    504-106-xxxx    504-107-xxxx    504-108-xxxx    504-109-xxxx    504-110-xxxx    504-111-xxxx    504-112-xxxx    504-113-xxxx    504-114-xxxx    504-115-xxxx    504-116-xxxx    504-117-xxxx    504-118-xxxx    504-119-xxxx    504-120-xxxx    504-121-xxxx    504-122-xxxx    504-123-xxxx    504-124-xxxx    504-125-xxxx    504-126-xxxx    504-127-xxxx    504-128-xxxx    504-129-xxxx    504-130-xxxx    504-131-xxxx    504-132-xxxx    504-133-xxxx    504-134-xxxx    504-135-xxxx    504-136-xxxx    504-137-xxxx    504-138-xxxx    504-139-xxxx    504-140-xxxx    504-141-xxxx    504-142-xxxx    504-143-xxxx    504-144-xxxx    504-145-xxxx    504-146-xxxx    504-147-xxxx    504-148-xxxx    504-149-xxxx    504-150-xxxx    504-151-xxxx    504-152-xxxx    504-153-xxxx    
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