About Mississippi Area Code 601

The 601 area code includes Mississippi cities Brookhaven, Carthage, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Laurel, Lucedale, McComb, McNeill, Meridian, Natchez, Picayune, Vicksburg, Wiggins.

Nearby area codes are 205, 225, 228, 251, 318, 662, 769 and 985.
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Extended information

Area codes 601 and 769 are the telephone area codes for central Mississippi. Originally, area code 601 covered the entire state. In 1997, area code 228 was created for the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. In 1999, area code 662 was created in the northern half of Mississippi. In 2005, Mississippi's first overlay area code, area code 769, was approved for use to overlay 601. Because of the overlay, 10 digit dialing was made mandatory in the 601/769 area code.

601 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

601-100-xxxx    601-101-xxxx    601-102-xxxx    601-103-xxxx    601-104-xxxx    601-105-xxxx    601-106-xxxx    601-107-xxxx    601-108-xxxx    601-109-xxxx    601-110-xxxx    601-111-xxxx    601-112-xxxx    601-113-xxxx    601-114-xxxx    601-115-xxxx    601-116-xxxx    601-117-xxxx    601-118-xxxx    601-119-xxxx    601-120-xxxx    601-121-xxxx    601-122-xxxx    601-123-xxxx    601-124-xxxx    601-125-xxxx    601-126-xxxx    601-127-xxxx    601-128-xxxx    601-129-xxxx    601-130-xxxx    601-131-xxxx    601-132-xxxx    601-133-xxxx    601-134-xxxx    601-135-xxxx    601-136-xxxx    601-137-xxxx    601-138-xxxx    601-139-xxxx    601-140-xxxx    601-141-xxxx    601-142-xxxx    601-143-xxxx    601-144-xxxx    601-145-xxxx    601-146-xxxx    601-147-xxxx    601-148-xxxx    601-149-xxxx    601-150-xxxx    601-151-xxxx    601-152-xxxx    601-153-xxxx    
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