About Utah Area Code 435

The 435 area code includes Utah cities Brigham City, Cedar City, Heber City, Helper, Logan, Moab, Nephi, Park City, Price, St. George, Tooele, Vernal.

Nearby area codes are 208, 307, 385, 541, 775, 801, 928 and 970.
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Extended information

North American area code 435 is a state of Utah telephone area code which covers all of Utah outside the Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Provo metropolitan areas. It split from the 801 area code on September 21, 1997, and includes St. George, Park City, Price, Moab, and Logan.

435 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

435-100-xxxx    435-101-xxxx    435-102-xxxx    435-103-xxxx    435-104-xxxx    435-105-xxxx    435-106-xxxx    435-107-xxxx    435-108-xxxx    435-109-xxxx    435-110-xxxx    435-111-xxxx    435-112-xxxx    435-113-xxxx    435-114-xxxx    435-115-xxxx    435-116-xxxx    435-117-xxxx    435-118-xxxx    435-119-xxxx    435-120-xxxx    435-121-xxxx    435-122-xxxx    435-123-xxxx    435-124-xxxx    435-125-xxxx    435-126-xxxx    435-127-xxxx    435-128-xxxx    435-129-xxxx    435-130-xxxx    435-131-xxxx    435-132-xxxx    435-133-xxxx    435-134-xxxx    435-135-xxxx    435-136-xxxx    435-137-xxxx    435-138-xxxx    435-139-xxxx    435-140-xxxx    435-141-xxxx    435-142-xxxx    435-143-xxxx    435-144-xxxx    435-145-xxxx    435-146-xxxx    435-147-xxxx    435-148-xxxx    435-149-xxxx    435-150-xxxx    435-151-xxxx    435-152-xxxx    435-153-xxxx    
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