About North Carolina Area Code 984

The 984 area code includes North Carolina cities Chapel Hill, Durham, Goldsboro, Raleigh, Sanford, Smithfield.

Nearby area codes are 252, 336, 434, 910 and 919.
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Extended information

Area code 984 was initially slated for overlay with area code 919 in 2001. However, the overlay was deferred when the supply of numbers was deemed sufficient for the near term. Within a decade, however, the proliferation of cell phones and pagers meant that the implementation of 984 could no longer be delayed. In September 2011, the North Carolina Utilities Commission announced that the 984 area code was being pressed into service. Ten-digit dialing for local calls became optional on October 1, 2011, and became mandatory across the Triangle on March 31, 2012, a move which has resulted in thousands of wrong number calls to 9-1-1 instead of 919. New 984 telephone numbers in the affected region began being assigned no later than August, 2014.

984 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

984-100-xxxx    984-101-xxxx    984-102-xxxx    984-103-xxxx    984-104-xxxx    984-105-xxxx    984-106-xxxx    984-107-xxxx    984-108-xxxx    984-109-xxxx    984-110-xxxx    984-111-xxxx    984-112-xxxx    984-113-xxxx    984-114-xxxx    984-115-xxxx    984-116-xxxx    984-117-xxxx    984-118-xxxx    984-119-xxxx    984-120-xxxx    984-121-xxxx    984-122-xxxx    984-123-xxxx    984-124-xxxx    984-125-xxxx    984-126-xxxx    984-127-xxxx    984-128-xxxx    984-129-xxxx    984-130-xxxx    984-131-xxxx    984-132-xxxx    984-133-xxxx    984-134-xxxx    984-135-xxxx    984-136-xxxx    984-137-xxxx    984-138-xxxx    984-139-xxxx    984-140-xxxx    984-141-xxxx    984-142-xxxx    984-143-xxxx    984-144-xxxx    984-145-xxxx    984-146-xxxx    984-147-xxxx    984-148-xxxx    984-149-xxxx    984-150-xxxx    984-151-xxxx    984-152-xxxx    984-153-xxxx    
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