About Illinois Area Code 872

The 872 area code includes Illinois city Chicago.

Nearby area codes are 219, 224, 312, 331, 630, 708, 773 and 847.
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Extended information

Area code 872 is a North American Numbering Plan overlay of area codes 312 and 773 in Chicago, Illinois, and entered service on November 7, 2009.

872 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

872-100-xxxx    872-101-xxxx    872-102-xxxx    872-103-xxxx    872-104-xxxx    872-105-xxxx    872-106-xxxx    872-107-xxxx    872-108-xxxx    872-109-xxxx    872-110-xxxx    872-111-xxxx    872-112-xxxx    872-113-xxxx    872-114-xxxx    872-115-xxxx    872-116-xxxx    872-117-xxxx    872-118-xxxx    872-119-xxxx    872-120-xxxx    872-121-xxxx    872-122-xxxx    872-123-xxxx    872-124-xxxx    872-125-xxxx    872-126-xxxx    872-127-xxxx    872-128-xxxx    872-129-xxxx    872-130-xxxx    872-131-xxxx    872-132-xxxx    872-133-xxxx    872-134-xxxx    872-135-xxxx    872-136-xxxx    872-137-xxxx    872-138-xxxx    872-139-xxxx    872-140-xxxx    872-141-xxxx    872-142-xxxx    872-143-xxxx    872-144-xxxx    872-145-xxxx    872-146-xxxx    872-147-xxxx    872-148-xxxx    872-149-xxxx    872-150-xxxx    872-151-xxxx    872-152-xxxx    872-153-xxxx    
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