About Florida Area Code 850

The 850 area code includes Florida cities Crestview, De Funiak Springs, Ft. Walton Beach, Madison, Marianna, Milton, Panama City, Pensacola, Perry, Quincy, Tallahassee.

Nearby area codes are 229, 251, 334, 352 and 386.
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850 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

850-100-xxxx    850-101-xxxx    850-102-xxxx    850-103-xxxx    850-104-xxxx    850-105-xxxx    850-106-xxxx    850-107-xxxx    850-108-xxxx    850-109-xxxx    850-110-xxxx    850-111-xxxx    850-112-xxxx    850-113-xxxx    850-114-xxxx    850-115-xxxx    850-116-xxxx    850-117-xxxx    850-118-xxxx    850-119-xxxx    850-120-xxxx    850-121-xxxx    850-122-xxxx    850-123-xxxx    850-124-xxxx    850-125-xxxx    850-126-xxxx    850-127-xxxx    850-128-xxxx    850-129-xxxx    850-130-xxxx    850-131-xxxx    850-132-xxxx    850-133-xxxx    850-134-xxxx    850-135-xxxx    850-136-xxxx    850-137-xxxx    850-138-xxxx    850-139-xxxx    850-140-xxxx    850-141-xxxx    850-142-xxxx    850-143-xxxx    850-144-xxxx    850-145-xxxx    850-146-xxxx    850-147-xxxx    850-148-xxxx    850-149-xxxx    850-150-xxxx    850-151-xxxx    850-152-xxxx    850-153-xxxx    
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