About Georgia Area Code 678

The 678 area code includes Georgia cities Atlanta, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Forest Park, Sandy Springs.

Nearby area codes are 256, 423, 404, 478, 706, 762, 770 and 931.
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Extended information

678 is a telephone area code assigned to metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia and its suburbs and exurbs. This area code was first assigned to customers signing up for new telephone service on January 15, 1998.

It is generally reserved for use outside the northern half of Interstate 285, serving Atlanta's booming northern suburbs of Marietta, Alpharetta, and Cumming with 404 generally reserved for inside the Perimeter (I-285).

This area code also serves north Georgia and is an overlay with the 404, and 770 area codes.

Currently, cell phone subscribers can choose from either the 404, 678, or 770 area code when signing up for service. In shorthand, it is usually written as 6/555-1234.

678 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

678-100-xxxx    678-101-xxxx    678-102-xxxx    678-103-xxxx    678-104-xxxx    678-105-xxxx    678-106-xxxx    678-107-xxxx    678-108-xxxx    678-109-xxxx    678-110-xxxx    678-111-xxxx    678-112-xxxx    678-113-xxxx    678-114-xxxx    678-115-xxxx    678-116-xxxx    678-117-xxxx    678-118-xxxx    678-119-xxxx    678-120-xxxx    678-121-xxxx    678-122-xxxx    678-123-xxxx    678-124-xxxx    678-125-xxxx    678-126-xxxx    678-127-xxxx    678-128-xxxx    678-129-xxxx    678-130-xxxx    678-131-xxxx    678-132-xxxx    678-133-xxxx    678-134-xxxx    678-135-xxxx    678-136-xxxx    678-137-xxxx    678-138-xxxx    678-139-xxxx    678-140-xxxx    678-141-xxxx    678-142-xxxx    678-143-xxxx    678-144-xxxx    678-145-xxxx    678-146-xxxx    678-147-xxxx    678-148-xxxx    678-149-xxxx    678-150-xxxx    678-151-xxxx    678-152-xxxx    678-153-xxxx    
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