About New Hampshire Area Code 603

The 603 area code is used in every New Hampshire city.

Nearby area codes are 207, 351, 413, 802 and 978.
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Extended information

North American area code 603 is New Hampshire's sole area code. 603 was created as one of the original area codes in October, 1947.

603 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

603-100-xxxx    603-101-xxxx    603-102-xxxx    603-103-xxxx    603-104-xxxx    603-105-xxxx    603-106-xxxx    603-107-xxxx    603-108-xxxx    603-109-xxxx    603-110-xxxx    603-111-xxxx    603-112-xxxx    603-113-xxxx    603-114-xxxx    603-115-xxxx    603-116-xxxx    603-117-xxxx    603-118-xxxx    603-119-xxxx    603-120-xxxx    603-121-xxxx    603-122-xxxx    603-123-xxxx    603-124-xxxx    603-125-xxxx    603-126-xxxx    603-127-xxxx    603-128-xxxx    603-129-xxxx    603-130-xxxx    603-131-xxxx    603-132-xxxx    603-133-xxxx    603-134-xxxx    603-135-xxxx    603-136-xxxx    603-137-xxxx    603-138-xxxx    603-139-xxxx    603-140-xxxx    603-141-xxxx    603-142-xxxx    603-143-xxxx    603-144-xxxx    603-145-xxxx    603-146-xxxx    603-147-xxxx    603-148-xxxx    603-149-xxxx    603-150-xxxx    603-151-xxxx    603-152-xxxx    603-153-xxxx    
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