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The 602 area code includes Arizona city Phoenix.

Nearby area codes are 480, 520, 623 and 928.
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Extended information

North American area code 602 is a state of Arizona telephone area code that covers most of the city of Phoenix. It was one of the original area codes established in October, 1947. It originally covered the entire state, but in the 1990s the state was split into two area codes. This split was due in part to an increase in population, but was due also to the demand for telephone lines created by the proliferation of facsimile machines and dial-up Internet connections. Many states introduced new area codes during this time period for much the same reason.

On March 19, 1995 Area Code 520 was created for all of the state outside of the Greater Phoenix area.

On April 1, 1999, when it was deemed that Greater Phoenix needed multiple area codes the following distinctions were made:
- On the east side everything from about 56th Street eastward including the East Valley Suburbs, and the Town of Paradise Valley (which goes as far west as 32nd St) became Area Code 480 as well as the city North of Union Hills and east of the 2000 E Grid.
- The western suburbs and the city west of 39th Ave North of Indian School to west of 63rd Ave from I-10 south became Area code 623, along with the city from North of Union Hills and west of the 2000 E Grid.
- Only two cities ended with multiple area codes with this change. Most areas of Phoenix are 602, however, some few areas have the 480 area code. Glendale, Arizona's northern half has the area code divider running diagonally through its middle. In some neighborhoods, homes only a few hundred feet away from each other may have different area codes; 602 or 623.

602 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

602-100-xxxx    602-101-xxxx    602-102-xxxx    602-103-xxxx    602-104-xxxx    602-105-xxxx    602-106-xxxx    602-107-xxxx    602-108-xxxx    602-109-xxxx    602-110-xxxx    602-111-xxxx    602-112-xxxx    602-113-xxxx    602-114-xxxx    602-115-xxxx    602-116-xxxx    602-117-xxxx    602-118-xxxx    602-119-xxxx    602-120-xxxx    602-121-xxxx    602-122-xxxx    602-123-xxxx    602-124-xxxx    602-125-xxxx    602-126-xxxx    602-127-xxxx    602-128-xxxx    602-129-xxxx    602-130-xxxx    602-131-xxxx    602-132-xxxx    602-133-xxxx    602-134-xxxx    602-135-xxxx    602-136-xxxx    602-137-xxxx    602-138-xxxx    602-139-xxxx    602-140-xxxx    602-141-xxxx    602-142-xxxx    602-143-xxxx    602-144-xxxx    602-145-xxxx    602-146-xxxx    602-147-xxxx    602-148-xxxx    602-149-xxxx    602-150-xxxx    602-151-xxxx    602-152-xxxx    602-153-xxxx    
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