About Oregon Area Code 458

The 458 area code includes Oregon cities Albany, Ashland, Bend, Coos Bay, Corvallis, Crater Lake, Eugene, Florence, Grants Pass, Hermiston, Klamath Falls, La Grande, Lebanon, Lincoln City, Medford, Newport, Ontario, Pendleton, Roseburg, Springfield, The Dalles, Wolf Creek.

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458 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

458-100-xxxx    458-101-xxxx    458-102-xxxx    458-103-xxxx    458-104-xxxx    458-105-xxxx    458-106-xxxx    458-107-xxxx    458-108-xxxx    458-109-xxxx    458-110-xxxx    458-111-xxxx    458-112-xxxx    458-113-xxxx    458-114-xxxx    458-115-xxxx    458-116-xxxx    458-117-xxxx    458-118-xxxx    458-119-xxxx    458-120-xxxx    458-121-xxxx    458-122-xxxx    458-123-xxxx    458-124-xxxx    458-125-xxxx    458-126-xxxx    458-127-xxxx    458-128-xxxx    458-129-xxxx    458-130-xxxx    458-131-xxxx    458-132-xxxx    458-133-xxxx    458-134-xxxx    458-135-xxxx    458-136-xxxx    458-137-xxxx    458-138-xxxx    458-139-xxxx    458-140-xxxx    458-141-xxxx    458-142-xxxx    458-143-xxxx    458-144-xxxx    458-145-xxxx    458-146-xxxx    458-147-xxxx    458-148-xxxx    458-149-xxxx    458-150-xxxx    458-151-xxxx    458-152-xxxx    458-153-xxxx    
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