About Pennsylvania Area Code 412

The 412 area code includes Pennsylvania cities Bethel Park, Carnegie, Coraopolis, Monroeville, Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg.

Nearby area codes are 224, 304, 330, 724, 814 and 878.
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Extended information

Area code 412 is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania telephone area code which serves most of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (including Pittsburgh), along with small portions of Washington and Westmoreland counties, except the northern edge of Allegheny County served by the Consolidated Communications, formerly the North Pittsburgh Telephone Company, including Wexford and Gibsonia. Area code 412 was one of the original area codes established in 1947. It is overlaid by and surrounded by area code 878, and is also surrounded by area code 724.

412 Area Code Exchanges 100-153:

412-100-xxxx    412-101-xxxx    412-102-xxxx    412-103-xxxx    412-104-xxxx    412-105-xxxx    412-106-xxxx    412-107-xxxx    412-108-xxxx    412-109-xxxx    412-110-xxxx    412-111-xxxx    412-112-xxxx    412-113-xxxx    412-114-xxxx    412-115-xxxx    412-116-xxxx    412-117-xxxx    412-118-xxxx    412-119-xxxx    412-120-xxxx    412-121-xxxx    412-122-xxxx    412-123-xxxx    412-124-xxxx    412-125-xxxx    412-126-xxxx    412-127-xxxx    412-128-xxxx    412-129-xxxx    412-130-xxxx    412-131-xxxx    412-132-xxxx    412-133-xxxx    412-134-xxxx    412-135-xxxx    412-136-xxxx    412-137-xxxx    412-138-xxxx    412-139-xxxx    412-140-xxxx    412-141-xxxx    412-142-xxxx    412-143-xxxx    412-144-xxxx    412-145-xxxx    412-146-xxxx    412-147-xxxx    412-148-xxxx    412-149-xxxx    412-150-xxxx    412-151-xxxx    412-152-xxxx    412-153-xxxx    
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